Centre Services

Centre ServicesBGT offer centre services to over 165 Training Practices, the majority being within a 60 mile radius of the Training Centre. The annual service includes:

  • Two internal verification visits.
  • Invitations to three clinical coach workshops/standardisation meetings.
  • Termly review & final verification of the NPL.
  • Telephone support as required.
  • Enrolment and registration services.
  • Equine and exotic handling arranged when required.

1. Internal Verification Visits:

  • These visits involve the CC and student and should last no more than 1.5hr. These cover quality control, CSL/NPL support and guidance, practice monitoring and support and adhoc issues. Two visits take place throughout the year and are arranged between our IV team and the practice.

2. Clinical Coach Workshops / Standardisation:

  • Three meetings are free to all clinical coaches working with BGT. Active CC are required to attend at least one a year, meetings last no longer than 2hrs and cover updates from C&G or CQ, RCVS and QCA, feedback from IV visits, NPL reviews, blended learning tasks and selected units and trainer standardisation support.
  • CC Training is also available, please contact the office for more info and dates.

3. NPL Reviews:

  • All student NPL’s are reviewed regularly by our lead IV to ensure standardised support. The evidence is sampled according to BGT’s sampling plan and incorporates completed blended learning tasks. This plan is generated from information acquired following the IV visits. Essentially we are verifying the evidence collected by students to demonstrate competency.
  • The IV will sample elements of the CSL/NPL during support visits.
  • A final check is carried out on completion of the CSL/NPL with a report generated.

4. Telephone / Email Support:

  • An intrinsic part of BGTs success is the level of support provided. It is important that queries are dealt with promptly on a daily basis and access is direct and personal.

5. Student Enrolment:

  • Following receipt of enrolment documentation and payment, BGT will ensure that all learners are enrolled with the awarding and regulatory body.